Possession or Distribution of a Hypodermic Needle in NJ 2C:36-6

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A person may not possess a Hypodermic Needle in NJ without a prescription
and said prescription is only valid for 1 Year.  Failure to possess a valid
prescription will subject the offender to up to 180 days in Jail, $1000.00 fine
and a period of probation as determined by the court.
2C:36-6.  Possession or distribution of
hypodermic syringe or needle
2C:36-6.  a.  Except as authorized by
subsection b., c. or other law, it shall
be unlawful for a person to have under
his control or possess with intent to
use a hypodermic syringe, hypodermic
needle or any other instrument
adapted for the use of a controlled
dangerous substance or a controlled
substance analog as defined in
chapter 35 of Title 2C of the New
Jersey Statutes or to sell, furnish or
give to any person such syringe,
needle or instrument.  Any person who
violates this section is guilty of a
disorderly persons offense.

b.A person is authorized to possess
and use a hypodermic needle or
hypodermic syringe if the person
obtains the hypodermic syringe or  
hypodermic needle by a valid
prescription issued by a licensed
physician, dentist or veterinarian and
uses it for its authorized purpose.
No prescription for a hypodermic
syringe, hypodermic needle or any
other instrument adapted for the use
of controlled dangerous substances by
subcutaneous injections shall be valid
for more than one year from the date
of issuance.
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In New Jersey every charge for Distribution of Heroin in New Jersey is a serious criminal offense with the punishment similar in scope to rape or murder.  Many
drug offenders stay years and even decades in jail.  Don't give up we can help.  If we accept your case Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98% success rate of
winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties you face with a heroin distribution charge in NJ,  Please note that past performance is not indicitive or a guarantee
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Possession of a Hypodermic Needle
in NJ is the same offense and
penalties as having any other drug
paraphernalia.  The offender will face
a criminal record, the possibility of up
to 180 days in jail, probation and up
to $1000.00 fine.  

Defenses exist but are limited in
nature and most depend on the
arrest and stop including police
procedures.  If you do not have a
prescription you do not have a
defense, unless your lawyer can find
one.  Thus the reason to hire an
experienced lawyer to get you the
best result.   Our office has been
handling drug and paraphernalia
charges for over 25 years and has
represented over 11,000 client.  We
have won, reduced or eliminated the
penalties for thousands of client and
we can help you.  But you must take
the first step and call our office and
setup the free office consultation to
learn how we can help you.
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