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In New Jersey every charge for Distribution of Heroin in New Jersey is a serious criminal offense with the punishment similar in scope to rape or murder.  Many
drug offenders stay years and even decades in jail.  Don't give up we can help.  If we accept your case Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98% success rate of
winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties you face with a heroin distribution charge in NJ,  Please note that past performance is not indicitive or a guarantee
of future results, but remember, the sooner we get started fighting your case the more we can do to help you win.
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Penalties for all 1st Offense
Heroin Distribution Drug Charges
Quantity Needed To Be Charged for Distribution: 1/2 ounce of Heroin or more*
Type of Offense: 1st or 2nd Degree Criminal Offense
Quantity Needed for Offense: 1st Degree over 5 ounces
                        2nd Degree over 1/2 ounce up to 5 ounces
Standard Jail Term: 1st Degree Offense: 10 to 20 years
        2nd Degree Offense: 7 to 10 Years in Jail
Standard Fine: 1st Degree Offense: Up to $75,000.00
2nd Degree Offense: Up to $500,000.00
Additional Possible Penalties: Probation, Random Drug Testing, Mandatory Drug Treatment or
Hospitalization, Mandatory DNA Testing, Loss of Drivers License for up to 6 months
The Penalties in NJ for Distribution of Heroin charged as NJ 2C:35-5:
Lawyers Commentary: Heroin Distribution NJSA 2C:35-5(b)(4) or (5) is the possession off Heroin for more than
your personal use.  By law in New Jersey the State need not prove that the defendant's knowledge of the
quantity of heroin, only that he/she knowingly possessed heroin.   *Although, the law states that the quantity
must be at least 1/2 ounce, this is not a set in stone figure and if other evidence exists to show that the heroin  
was going to be sold the quantity number may be reduced.  An example where the quantity may be less than
1/2 oz commonly occurs when a person is caught with 15 hits of heroin and a large stash of cash or additional
empty glassine bags are found.  However, heroin distribution must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and
many times this charge can be won by an experienced heroin defense lawyer.  When you are facing a minimum
7 to 10 years in jail, you can't afford to risk your case to just any lawyer.  Get Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg and
put his proven success on your side.  With Attorney H. Scott Aalsbergs' 98% Success rate for first time Heroin
distribution offenders you know that you will be putting the best chance of winning on your side . . . . . . . .
Set Up A Free In office consultation and learn how we can help you win your distribution of
heroin charge.  Some of the defenses we have used in the past include but not limited to: The
States Improper Handling of Drugs Before, during and, after the arrest, Improper Testing
Procedures, Improper Arrest Procedures, Improper Stop, Improper Use of Evidence,
Entrapment, Coerced or Forced Confessions.  Even if your guilty it doesn't mean that you don't
deserve the best heroin defense.  Don't let your heroin addiction ruin your life!
What is a Heroin Distribution Charge in New Jersey 2C:35-5
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