Facts About Heroin

Heroin Fact Sheet For The Non-User or Family Members

Heroin Overview:

Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs sold and is the fastest acting opiate drug. Many times heroin is laced with other drugs which cut or enhance the effects of the drug which can stop the heart from beating with the most dangerous being fentanyl. Generally on the street heroin is sold in packets from $5.00 to $10.00 per packet and in clubs for up to $25.00 per packet Heroin is considered a cheap high compared to cocaine, oxycodone, oxycoytin or suboxone which can sell for upward of $25 per pill, strip or packet for a similar but safer high. In the last 15 years both deaths and arrests have gone from almost non existant to now being considered a crisis. In 2018 Heroin became the number one cause of death for American’s under 50 years of age. Because of high chance of addiction and high number of deaths the legislature treated heroin the same as crack, cocaine and other highly addictive drugs and treated them the same with long possible prison terms of 3 to 5 years even for a simple possession of heroin charge. Thus you must choose the
best lawyer. Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98%* Success rate of eliminating, reducing or winning the penalties a heroin charge can carry. With over 25 years of experience you know you are getting a highly skilled heroin defense lawyer who can help you beat both your addiction and your jail sentence.

Types of Heroin:

Two Basic Types of Heroin* make up the majority of heroin found in the United States:
Heroin from Columbia: This heroin is generally pure white in nature
Heroin from Mexico: This heroin is called black tar and is generally dark to medium brown in color.
*Other types of heroin are found in NJ but are rare such as heroin from Afganistan, Packistan and other East Asian countries and vary in color from brown to white.

How is Heroin Used:

Higher quality heroin is usually snorted or sniffed where as lower quality heroin is usually smoked or injected due to the fact that it is not refined enough to be snorted.

Heroin's Effect on the Mind:

Heroin is one of the most addictive the fastest acting opiate drug and because of this causes a person to feel euphoric with a rush of happiness or relief as the addiction causes the person to have anxious withdrawl feelings. After the initial rush the person generally either has a twilight feeling of sleep or extra alertness and mental aacuity.

Heroin's Effect on the Body:

Unfortunately most people find themselves addicted to the drug with only a few uses. After each uses the body becomes more tolerant to the drug causing the person to use more and more of the drug to reach the same intense rush or euphoric feeling. The person because physically addicted to the drug after a few uses and after the drug feeling wears off the body craves more causing even the most strong willed person to give in and use more. These cravings never go away once addicted and can even cause cravings 20 or 30 years later to the addicted.

Stopping the use of heroin for the addicted without proper medical attention can be as dangerous as using the drug. Side effects of stopping heroin cold turkey include but are not limited to convulsions, diaherra, vommiting, muscle pain, bone pain and even death. The worst symptons usually occur and last for a week but can last for months.

Heroin is a life long addiction thus treatment must be continual. Most people who beat the addiction re-lapse within 5 years and if you can stay drug free for 10 years the chance of re-lapse does decrease significantly.

Heroin Overdose:

Because Heroin is an addictive substance and because the human body becomes more and more tolerant to heroin, this causes the user to use more and more heroin to get the same rush, Eventually most people who can not stop the addiction will die of the addiction. Because heroin is cut with different substances and offers no guarantee of quality or quantity needed for the high it is common for users to accidentally overdose. Generally it is not a painless overdose but it can be depending on the quality of the drug. Signs of an overdose are convulsions, clammy or blue skin, grasping or shallow breathing, comma, heart stoppage and death. A drug called Narcan is the brand name for a drug called naloxone that block the effects of an opioid and is used in
overdoses to try to reverse the effects of a heroin heroin, methadone, morphine, opium, codeine, or hydrocodoneoverdose. In high doses, opioids can slow down breathing and heart rate to the point of oxygen deprivation. In general Narcan binds to the same receptors that opioids do, blocking the binding of opioids and can stops their effects but it must be administered at the onset of an overdose and it does not work in all cases even when given immediately when an overdose is detected. This is generally because many overdoses happen due to mixing opioids with other drugs or alcohol.

Heroin Help:

It is rare for a person to quit a heroin addiction without help from friends or family. If you are reading this website for the NJ Heroin Lawyer you are either charged in New Jersey with heroin possession or distribution or have a family member charged.

You only need a defense lawyer for a heroin charge, if you or the person charged with the offense commits to deal with and end the addiction. If the person with the heroin addiction fails to get help and quit any help a defense lawyer will do is only delaying the inevitable jail or death. This may be heard to hear but statistics simply don’t lie. To beat a heroin charge you need to also beat the addiction. Heroin usage is a life long battle and you must commit to win this battle. Needing a lawyer for the defense of your heroin charge will only help if you commit to quit because even if we win your heroin charge you will probably be caught again, or found dead of a heroin overdose. This is the sad hard truth. Unlike other firms we will not accept your case, unless you commit to quit because otherwise you are wasting your money and our NJ heroin lawyers time. Commit to quit and we will help solve your heroin criminal charge; continue using and end up in jail, or dead, the choice is yours . . .

In New Jersey every charge for Heroin Possession or Distribution is a criminal offense subjecting the charged to 3 to 5 years in Jail. Don’t give up we can help. If we accept your case Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98%* success rate of winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties you face with a heroin possession offense, but remember the sooner we get started fighting your case the more we can do to help reduce your penalties, eliminate jail or even win your heroin charge.  Past performance is not indicative of future results. 

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